Blown-In-Blanket System

The Blown-In-Blanket System is a dense fiberglass designed to be blown into cavities behind netting.

• Thermally Efficient and Cost Effective. It offers a clear upgrade in performance to the average        
fiberglass batt job at a reasonable price.

• Reduces air infiltration. When it comes to air infiltration, BIBS with OPTIMA is a superior system to
fiberglass batts.

• Fills Voids. Tests show that even a small void area in any insulation application can cause a
substantial increase in heating or cooling loss. BIBS with OPTIMA virtually eliminates voids in  every   
problem area of residential and commercial construction,  providing a superior finished job and
exceptional thermal efficiency.

• Excellent Sound Control. By filling all voids and gaps, it significantly reduces unwanted sounds from
appliances, TVs, teenagers, stereos, ventilation systems and running water

• High R's per inch. BIBS provides an R-15 in a 2X4 and a R-23 in a 2X6

• Custom-fit. BIBS gives homes a custom-fit, thermal blanket and outstanding performance in irregular-
shaped cavities and around obstructions.

• Hassle-free installation and cleaner job sites. Regardless of the size or shape of the cavity, or the
number of obstructions, installing insulation is easy with BIBS technology and very little waste is

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