Deciding which Insulation is best for your Home:

What are R-values and how do you measure R-values?

Insulation’s effectiveness is measured in R-Value. R stands for the insulation’s resistance to heat flow; heat
escapes from your home in the winter and heated air enters your home in the summer. The higher the R-Value,
the greater the resistance to heat flow and the greater your potential for saving energy, natural resources and

What are the pros and cons between Fiberglass and Cellulose?

There are a few important differences between fiberglass and cellulose:

* Fire Resistance - Fiberglass is made mostly of inorganic materials (sand). Cellulose is made up of shredded  
* Moisture Absorption - Fiberglass is installed dry and does not absorb or retain moisture. Cellulose is often
installed damp and needs to fully dry after installation.

Is it necessary to remove the insulation which is already in my attic?

Every situation is different but in most cases you don't need to remove the attic insulation that is already there. You can add more, however we recommend that you use loose-fill blow-in insulation for a more even coverage. For best results, contact one of our experienced salesmen to help you determine the appropriate steps to take.

What are the various types of foam insulation?

Spray Foam (or Polyurethane Foam Insulation) is a 2 part liquid system consisting of an Isocyanate and a resin mixture. These chemicals are pumped through a specialized heating and pressurizing unit. The fluids are kept separate until just before leaving the gun, then mixed at a specific temperature and pressure. There are two types of spray foam based on the cell structure of the foam. One is a closed cell and the other is an open cell.

What type of a vapor barrier would you recommend for my new house?

In the Kansas City area, we typically use Kraft faced insulation. The Kraft paper (paper with a tar base) serves
as a vapor retarder.

What is the best insulation for sound control?

If you are planning to build a new home or remodeling an existing there are many different options available for sound control. Harrison Baker Insulation offers a variety of sound control insulation options. Please contact one of our experienced salesmen to help you find the right product for your home.

Why is sealing penetration from the roof into the attic (plumbing-related, security-related, etc.), from the attic into the house (can lights, security-related, etc.), or from the exterior into the house (A/C line, plumbing-related, electrical, security-related, etc.) important?

Attics are prone to heat loss for several reasons:

• Rising warm air escapes into the attic
• A temperature difference between the attic and the conditioned living space draw outside air in through gaps and lets it escape into the attic.
• Bypasses include ceiling/wall-framing intersections at upper wall plates, electrical and plumbing penetrations, HVAC ductwork, dropped ceilings, can lights and flues. If these are not sealed they may lead to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

I’d like to insulate my windows and doors. What are the various options available? How do I keep from voiding the warranty on my doors and windows?

You will want to check with your window’s manufacturer before insulating the windows to prevent voiding the warranty. In new construction homes, we would use a non-expanding foam or Backer Rod.

What are attic air baffles?

Air baffles are foam board or card board chutes (also called rafter vents). They allow the air to flow above blown in attic insulation.

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